About DESTACO in Australia

Australian Distributor of DESTACO Products

With over 30 years experience in supplying the Australian Automotive and Manufacturing Industry with not only World Leading Products but also expert advice from our Engineering Department, DSC Clamps Pty Ltd is well equipped to meet your clamping needs. Our aim is to supply you with the highest quality product for your unique automation and manufacturing applications.

DESTACO, a Dover Company, was founded in 1915. In 1936, the company designed and manufactured the first manual toggle clamp. Innovations, quality and acquisitions have made DESTACO the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of clamping, gripping, transferring and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and flexible automation needs. The family of brands has enabled DESTACO to establish leading productivity improvement and cost-reduction manufacturing solutions for our customers using the breadth of products and value-added services we offer. DESTACO’s customer base covers a wide range of industries requiring a global customer service network offering consistent solutions and program support. With more than 88 years of experience, DESTACO unsurpassed by its counterparts. Superior consultation, innovation, engineering, service and distribution sustain DESTACO leadership in its industry, with the ultimate result being that they have become your preferred provider of best-in-class partnership and service for you.



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