Destaco Vertical Clamps feature large hand clearance for improved safety and a holding capacity of up to 5,000lbf [22,25kN].

Destaco Vertical Clamps hardened bushings at key pivot points and near vertical clamping contact make it a popular choice whatever the application.

Clamping during the assembling, drilling, testing, gluing, locking of covers and much more. The vertical clamp is the most frequently used product whenever clamping products are to be integrated with a manual fixture.

The essential product features:

  • In the clamping position, the handle is vertical
  • Vertical clamps open at an angle between 75˚ and 215˚
  • Vertical clamps are offered with U-shaped or heavy-duty solid clamping bars
  • Vertical clamps have a straight or flanged base. The heavy-duty vertical clamps possess a base that can be welded on without a hole position
  • Two bar styles available
  • Low profile T-Handle version available
  • Available in stainless steel

Destaco Vertical Clamps are ideal for 

  • Checking fixtures.
  • Assembly & test.
  • Light machining.
  • Woodworking.


Many models also come equipped with Destaco® Toggle Lock Plus®, an innovative safety feature that adds a secondary lock to the vertical clamp to help ensure that the over-center locking condition is maintained and protected against unintentional opening. Many Destaco® Vertical Toggle Lock Plus® models also lock the clamp in the open position.

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